Mission and Vision of Exosphere

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Exosphere Mission:

Develop space technologies in an open source environment for all to use.

Exosphere Vision:

We believe space belongs to everyone. Because of this we work toward an easier, faster, cheaper, and safer space vehicle for all. We will continue to develop new technologies geared toward human space travel, and we will give these technologies out to the world to use. Through the use of untapped resources around the globe we will accelerate the space program. We will orchestrate this group effort. Our overall job will never be done, but we will complete countless projects as team humanity.

The Launch of a New Type of Company

Exosphere Inc. has been gearing up for the launch of their new project: an Open Source Spaceship design. The founders have been hitting social media sites hard in preparation for their Kickstarter campaign. While networking for the project they have polished the design with the help and input of countless specialists, scientists, and engineers.

It all started with a few enthusiasts trying to figure out how to go about opening space up to the masses, and eventually led into this project. Long discussions with countless engineers, scientists, enthusiasts, and businesspeople have led to the agreement that the combination of Open Source with a structured research and development company can lead to incredible – and possible unforeseen - advances in space travel for everyone.

The CEO of Exosphere Inc. Zechariah Blanchard said, “We believe that Open Source is a huge untapped resource in the space industry. There are endless enthusiasts with great ideas out there from the Engineer that works at a large corporation to the tinkerers working in their garage. If we can get the community together on this project there is no limit to the possibilities.”

Some have said this is a bit more than a small company can chew. The people at Exosphere don’t outright deny this, but they believe the community can accomplish great feats of engineering and design if brought together. Their website shows a heavy focus on interaction with the community, from funding to ideas. It would seem they believe the community is key to the success of this project.

It will be interesting to watch this project play out. Will it go viral – as the founders hope – or might it fizzle out and die? Only time will tell if people are really interested in the advancement of space for the masses, or if it is just a face they put on at sci-fi conventions.

Exosphere Inc.

Exosphere Inc. has published a press room on their new website. Community members from all professions can now find updated information releases twenty four hours a day.

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